Axxon safe привод дк

Axxon safe привод дк

Today’s municipal security goes far beyond the monitoring of selected sites. Modern integrated security systems must not only record and stream video but also analyze it intelligently, monitor all types of sensors, and provide automatic responses to problems. SafeCity combines hardware, software and operational measures to provide video security, technical safety, and manage utilities and other distributed services. SafeCity is a multifunctional expandable solution built on an integrated modular distributed platform – Axxon Intellect Enterprise – with embedded intelligent data analysis. By creating a unified digital control and monitoring space for the city, SafeCity is an effective, scalable, future-proof solution for a modern metropolis..

🇮🇹 Turin, Italy

Turin is a city and an important business and cultural centre in northern Italy. Turin is ranked third in Italy, after Milan and Rome, for economic strength.

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Solution: In addition to fighting crime and illegal drug trade, the municipal police had to improve infrastructure security. 1000 strategically placed Hikvision and Axis cameras alongside with such Axxon Intellect features as MomentQuest, Face recognition, LPR and Retail analytics help to enhance security.

Benefits: Axxon Intellect video surveillance system now coveres all high-risk areas and detects crime in real time, and thus increases safety and helps to eradicate vandalism.

Kraków, Poland 🇵🇱

Kraków is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland. Cited as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, Kraków has traditionally been one of the leading centres of Polish academic, economic, cultural and artistic life.

Solution: 700 Axis, Dahua and Hikvision cameras running on Axxon Next help security operators to meet unique challenges that occur due to the size of the city and its population density.

Benefits : The project comprises a highly integrated Safe City system, focused around a large-scale CCTV installation that helps the police in their daily work.

🇵🇱 Stalowa Wola, Poland

Stalowa Wola is the largest city and capital of Stalowa Wola County with a population of 60,799 inhabitants. It is located in southeastern Poland.

Solution: The Stalowa Wola Safe City project is part of a region wide initiative to increase safety by controlling crime and monitoring traffic. A modern and safe video system, which consists of UniView cameras and Axxon Next software, was integrated to ensure high-quality security for city residents.

Benefits: Effective digital systems maintain a safe city environment for the community and are considered to be essential in providing secure living and prosperity.

Września, Poland 🇵🇱

Września is a town in west-central Poland with 28,600 inhabitants which was founded in 1357.

Solution: Axxon Next is the powerful VMS that can meet the needs of any project, whatever the scale or complexity. Running on 345 Hikvision cameras, it helps to m eet unique challenges that can occur around Września.

Benefits: With our system installed, now it is much easier to prevent thefts, hijackings, lootings and other potentially dangerous situations for small-town residents.

🇵🇱 Brzeszcze, Poland

Brzeszcze lies in the Northern Carpathian Foothills, on the Vistula river, in western Lesser Poland.

Solution: Installed Axxon Next platform features MomentQuest which is an intelligent search tool with the variety of search criteria (motion in any user-defined zone, crossing a virtual line, presence of a few objects in an area, etc.) and filters, such as size and colour detection.

Benefits: This new security infrastructure fully meets all of the client ’s articulated needs, providing for the first time the ability to perform real-time video surveillance of goings-on in the city.

Haman, South Korea 🇰🇷

Haman County is a county in South Gyeongsang Province in South Korea. Haman’s economy is based on agriculture and food processing.

Solution: MomentQuest is a customizable forensic search tool of Axxon Next that quickly retrieves specific events from large video footages. Coupled with Artificial Intelligence Features installed on more than 1200 Axis, Arecont Vision, Hikvision, Hanwha Techwin and Flexwatch cameras, it provides the city with the highest security rates.

Benefits: Artificial Intelligence now helps the corporate security personnel to quickly detect and neutralize the threat and make their response actions more effective.

🇰🇷 Yangsan, South Korea

Yangsan is a large city in South Korea with a population of about 300,000 people and an area of 484.5 km².

Solution: AxxonSoft offered a customized solution based on the Axxon Next VMS with Forensic Search to quickly find events based on certain criteria, TimeCompressor to quickly view the archive without using accelerated playback and many more features. Ov er 2500 video cameras from Arecont Vision, Samsung, Hikvision, Cellings, Flexwatch, and Probe Digital were installed in 900-odd locations around the city.

Benefits: Due to high performance and optimization of resources, Axxon Next servers take up to 200 cameras each. Security personnel quickly mastered all their monitoring and investigation tasks thanks to the ergonomic Axxon Next GUI.

Pengerang, Malaysia 🇲🇾

Pengerang is a new municipal area in Kota Tinggi District, southeastern Johor, Malaysia. Pengerang has many natural resources, sea life and unique landforms.

Solution: Milesight IP cameras and a PORTech IP Speaker alongside with such Axxon Next features as MomentQuest, Face recognition and LPR provide security for both residents of the city and its tourists.

Benefits: Axxon Next VMS coupled with good security protocols enables the police to come up with appropriate plans to solve community problems and develop new, innovative ways to combat criminal activity.

🇲🇾 Seberang Perai , Malaysia

Seberang Perai is a city in the Malaysian state of Penang with a population of 815,767, making it the second most populous city in Malaysia.

Solution: With the help of such Axxon Intellect Analytics features as face recognition and LPR, the city security system of Seberang Perai could detect illegal parking and illegal dumping, use traffic management and tracking systems, and provide premise security of all the surroundings.

Benefits: The above-mentioned functions of Axxon Intellect significantly increased the convenience and efficiency of security operators’ work. Our system met all client needs and opened up new possibilities in ensuring citizens’ safety.

Ulaan Baator, Mongolia 🇲🇳

Ulan Bator is the capital as well as cultural, economic and touristic hub of Mongolia.

Solution: Th e residents have complained of increased levels of crim e in public places and high traffic density, which led to road gridlock and accidents. For road safety monitoring, an Auto Intellect solution bas ed on Intellect Enterprise was selected. GeoVision and Tattile cameras with on-board license plate recognition have been installed on city streets.

Benefits: The new system on the streets and roads of Ulan Bator keeps an eye on the city’s road situation 24/7. Thus the solution allowed making police work more efficient and getting the upper hand on booming traffic flows in the Mongolian capital.

🇿🇦 Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate, South Africa

Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate is a new city located in South Africa, which provides a self-contained and secure residential environment, with everything needed contained inside its perimeter.

Solution: Axxon Intellect PSIM software, installed on over 5 Servers with 220 cameras on site monitors the entire estate. Auto Intellect system with on-server LPR from CARMEN, allows an easy integration with current cameras and new High Definition PTZ’s and box cameras.

Benefits: Thanks to thermal analytics integration, Axxon Intellect secures the perimeter, allowing less physical guarding. Access control integration in combination with LPR technology, allows easy access for residents and total security for residents’ vehicles.

Odense Municipality, Denmark 🇩🇰

Odense Municipality is a Danish municipality in Southern Denmark on the island of Funen in central Denmark. It is the most populous municipality in Region of Southern Denmark.

Solution: A modern and safe video surveillance system, which consists of 750 cameras and Axxon Next software, was integrated to ensure high- quality security across the whole municipality in schools, kindergartens, libraries, etc.

Benefits: With our software installed, it is now much easier to prevent theft situations, handle quarrels and disagreements, find lost children, and deal with emergency situations.

🇨🇿 Karviná, Czech Republic

Karviná is a city in Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic with 53,000 inhabitants. Karviná lies in the historical region of Cieszyn Silesia and is one of the most important coal mining centers in the Czech Republic.

Solution: Public places in the city require the highest security for the visitors. In Karviná this issue is solved with the hel p of Axxon Next, Open Platform Video Management Software, that features face recognition, detection analytics and LPR, and runs on 225 Hikvision, Pelco and Dallmeier cameras.

Benefits: The centralised system for city monitoring with a wide range of analytics helps to detect and prevent deviant behavior in public places.

Mineiros, Brazil 🇧🇷

Mineiros is the westernmost city in Goiás and a great producer of cattle, soybeans, and corn, and has a population of 52,964 inhabitants. It is one of the largest municipalities in the state and also one of the oldest.

Solution: Powered with top technologies of Adaptive Recognition, Axxon Next recognizes and logs car license plates — even on moving vehicles — and compares them to a database of number plates. It also logs all vehicles that pass through a specified zone, records an image of the car and plate, and notes the date, registration time, and direction of each vehicle.

Benefits: With Dahua cameras installed on the main streets of the city, the main benefit is the ability to find a license plate and know where the vehicle passed.

🇧🇷 São Miguel Do Passa Quatro, Brazil

São Miguel do Passa Quatro is a municipality in central Goiás state, Brazil. The fauna and flora from the region with the canyons, valleys, rapids, and waterfalls attract more than one million tourists per year.

Solution: Axxon Next VMS featuring LPR and running on Dahua cameras gives the real-time data that keeps the transportation network in motion and helps prevent problems before they start.

Benefits: The ability to find a license plate in the archive and know where the vehicle passed reduced the amount of car theft and overall crime that helped enhance tourists’ attraction.

Acreuna, Brazil 🇧🇷

Acreúna is a city and municipality in western Goiás state, Brazil.

Solution: Monitoring, controlling and managing traffic or vehicle fleets is critical to a successful transportation operation. Axxon Next’s license plate recognition (LPR) feature helps to identify stolen or hijacked vehicles, automate transport registration, and provide access control at secured location.

Benefits: Axxon Next surpassed client expectations and excelled in competitive benchmarking.

🇧🇷 Santa Helena, Brazil

Santa Helena is a municipality in southwestern Goiás state, Brazil. It is a large producer of corn, sugarcane, soybeans, and poultry.

Solution: The installed Axxon Next platform featuring LPR on Dahua cameras has strengthened the public security of Santa Helena municipality and received high marks by the city administration.

Benefits: The utilization of our system has decreased a significant amount of poaching and overall crime in the area of Santa Helena de Goiás.

Teutonia, Brazil 🇧🇷

Teutonia is a municipality that belongs to the state of Rio Grande do Sul. It covers an area of 179,170 km². The state has one of the highest life expectancies in Brazil, and the crime rate is relatively low compared to the Brazilian national average.

Solution: In combination with the face detection feature and other functions of Axxon Next that runs on Hikivision cameras, the LPR feature has contributed to lowering the crime rate in Teutonia.

Benefits: The project is helping the Military Police to seek people and license plates faster and in a more efficient way.

🇧🇷 Sapucaia do Sul, Brazil

Sapucaia do Sul is a municipality and a commercial city in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Solution: Due to the high car flow in the town area, it was decided to install a video surveillance system to control it. Axxon Next VMS was deployed at the site and its License Plate Recognition feature with Real-time tracking database helped to solve the problems with car accidents and hijacks .

Benefits: For tracking and searching purposes, LPR allows to run a recognized license plate number through federal and regional wanted vehicle databases, as well as through own local databases.

Triunfo, Brazil 🇧🇷

Triunfo is a municipality in the state of Paraíba — a green oasis in the otherwise arid Sertao region in Northeastern Brazil with 15,006 population.

Solution: Axxon Next with the LPR feature runs on Dahua cameras across Triunfo. The system is flexible and efficient as various automatic scenarios can be configured when a match is found. For instance, the operators are notified if the recognized number is blacklisted.

Benefits: Our system keeps an eye on the roads of Triunfo while recording, analyzing, and preventing dangerous situations threatening the health and safety of the citizens.

🇵🇪 Lima, Peru

With a population of about 9 million people within its Metropolitan area, Lima is the fifth largest city in South America. Lima is the second largest city built on a desert after Cairo in Egypt. It gets 80 per cent of its water from the Rimac river, which runs across downtown Lima.

Solution: Strategic points in the district are now covered by utilizing Axis and Samsung cameras running on Axxon Next for public safety.

Benefits: According to Rafael Santos, the mayor of Lima, the Safe City project in Pueblo Libre has already caused a 40% drop in crime, with further improvements to come. The most important thing is that all of the city’s safety services work together.

San Martin de Porres, Lima, Peru 🇵🇪

San Martín de Porres (SMP) is a district in Lima, Peru, located in the area known as Cono Norte. It lies on the north bank of the Rímac River. Among the oldest and best developed of Lima’s pueblos jóvenes (young towns), San Martín de Porres is primarily a working-class residential area.

Solution: The combination of Axxon Next features, precisely, the license plate recognition, face detection, human behavior analytics, and Dell, RVi, Dahua cameras contribute to public security of SMP district.

Benefits: AxxonSoft helped to adopt a strong public security system that brought the San Martín de Porres district closer to the citizens.

🇧🇷 Santa Bárbara d’Oeste, Brazil

Santa Bárbara d’Oeste — is a city in Brazil with a population of 193,475 inhabitants.

Solution: Safe City refers to a hybrid automated system that empowers city authorities to meet public needs. With the help of such Axxon Intellect Analytics features as face and sign recognition, 132 channels of Axxon Universe provide security for both residents and tourists of the city.

Benefits: With Safe City, authorities can monitor key city infrastructure in real time, helping security personnel to react without delay.

Rio Verde, Goiás, Brazil 🇧🇷

Rio Verde is a municipality in the Brazilian state of Goiás.

Solution: To ensure operational integrity, citizen safety, and security of key sites, authorities need real-time and retrospective access to information about events of interest. Therefore, 54 channels of Axxon Universe were deployed, featuring such detection tools as Face Search and License Plate Search.

Benefits: Axxon Next featuring license plate search and face search, enables to solve daily urban problems, and alongside ensuring citizens’ safety of Rio Verde.

🇧🇷 Três Corações, Brazil

Três Corações is a municipality in the south of Minas Gerais state in Brazil with a population of 19,597,330 inhabitants.

Solution: Safe City refers to a hybrid automated system that empowers city authorities to meet public needs. That’s why, in order to provide a safe environment for Minas Gerais citizens, 75 channels of Axxon Next Universe were implemented, featuring face search detection tool.

Benefits: The facial recognition module automatically looks through past video and finds all instances when the person was in the camera field of view previously. So, new security improvements provide the ability to perform real-time video surveillance of all the city events.

Imperatriz, Maranhão, Brazil 🇧🇷

Imperatriz is the second most populated city in the northeastern Brazilian state of Maranhão.

Solution: With help of 71 channels of Axxon Universe, the city security system of Imperatriz provides premise security for all the surroundings.

Benefits: With current environmental and social challenges, Smart Cities are becoming a need of modern society. Many cities, as well as Imperatriz, are already transforming their ways to become more efficient and safer places.

🇧🇷 Military Police of Paraná State, Brazil

The Military Police are reserve and ancillary forces of the Brazilian Army, and part of the System of Public Security and Brazilian Social Protection.

Solution: To resist intruders, the military police must be able to find them. Axxon’s Intellect Integrated Facial Recognition module notifies operators when it spots a human face within the video frame. The system captures a face wherever it goes. Besides, the facial recognition tool, integrated for 800 vehicles, has real-time facial recognition.

Benefits: That will allow the Military Police of Parana State to automatically compare an image chosen by the face-capture module with images stored in a database, guaranteeing a high probability of correct recognition and a quick search of databases containing hundreds or thousands of images.


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